Beard Bro Complete Beard Shaping Tool

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The #1 rated and first ever complete Beard Shaping Tool, The Beard Bro. Line it up. Shave over the edge. Perfect lines.  
The FIRST & Patented Beard Bro Facial Hair Shaping Tool shapes beards fast and easy, as well as shapes a variety of styles while being equipped with leveling markings for symmetry. Combine with clippers or a razor to achieve an accurate trim or crisp shave. 

* Shapes in minutes easily
Curved or Straight Cheek Lines
* Perfect neck line
* Symmetry on both sides
* Neck line shaping

* Goatee shaping
Mustache shaping
* Functional comb
* Shapes a variety of beard styles
* Use clippers and or a razor with its durable construction
* Made in the U.S.A