Why Condition Your Beard?

The hairs are naturally more coarse and need more attention, as well as the skin below that can get dry and flaky. Beards also tend to get frizzy if no daily conditioner is added.


Can't I Just Use Some Hand Soap?

Our soaps have conditioning and moisturizing oils and butters that keep your skin and hair from drying out. They also work to keep the fungus as well as the bad bacteria off so you stay clean, smelling good, and ready for the day.


Balls Care? Why?

A line of nuts, butt, AND NOW BOOBS! Body care to keep your crotch area smelling good and staying healthy. The sack and other parts can get pretty swampy down, why not keep it clean and smelling good? Your visitors will like it more too.


NEWS For September

NEW! Pootopia is the new, lemon fizzers toilet odor eliminator for home, work and play. Include the spray for an awesome bathroom combo!