Beard Shaping

A nice beard is an oval shaped beard with symmetry on both sides and a neck line that should be just that, on the neck and not on the chin. The mustache shouldn't be in your mouth, and you want your beard hydrated and maintained. A beard is made of more coarse hairs that are usually dry and need nourishment. Lastly, Keep your cheek lines nice and straight, especially if you are in a professional setting, your beard represents you, so make sure it looks its best.

Fuller on the chin, shorter on the sides. This type of beard will make your face look more slender since thick facial hair on the sides will make your face look even wider.

Sides fuller, bottom shorter is the best look since your face is already long, a beard will make it look even longer and out of proportion.

You are lucky, you have the best of both worlds when it comes to having a beard. Most styles work well with this shape, long or short style beards.

Ask yourself this, what style do I want and what best fits my face?
Generally it takes a week to see where your beard is coming in at. There are a lot of styles to choose from but for this information we will go with a fuller thicker beard. In this case begin by doing the following:

1. Do not touch it for a week at least.
You can trim your neck line but don't get carried away, this is where The Beard Bro Tool comes in handy to perfect it.
Keep it clean, begin washing your beard with a mild shampoo and begin using a dime size amount of beard oil after you have washed your face to moisturize and promote hair growth.
You want your skin and hair follicles to be moisturized so your newly grown hairs are healthy and your skin is not dry and flaky.
Week 2 it will begin to itch for a day or two and then it stops so leave it alone. Rubbing some beard oil on it will help in the itchy areas and sooth the skin.
The mustache- You can either trim the mustache away from the mouth or if you are going for a longer beard, you can grow the mustache out, but you will have to train the hairs by parting them over to each side to keep them out of your mouth. This is a preference for each person whether they want to trim or let it grow.
By week 4 you will have a fairly thick beard, about a half an inch long, then you can decide on what you want to do with the style of it.
As the beard gets longer, the sides will get thicker, comb or brush the sides down, along with using beard oil or beard butter, DO NOT take clippers and clip down the sides and leave the chin long, this does not look good.
Your beard adds character to you, portray who you are thru the power of the beard, it can say a lot about you, so take pride in it.