Groom Mat- For Facial Hair Pubic Hair Trimming with Gray Beard Tool

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The Groom Mat is an easy to use grooming mat to trim, oil, and maintain your facial hair and hygiene. The special material allows hairs to easily slide off, its waterproof, oil proof, and easy to clean. Simply lay it out and use, no struggling to put anything on.
Dimensions 18"x24"

* No messy sink
* Washable
* Easy to use
* Easy to store
* No hair filled towel 

Instructions for Use: Lay out, do your business over the mat and that's it. When done, fold in half starting from long end, then fold in half again, take it to the trash can and shake. Tap it for good measure, then fold it up and put it away. 

Cleaning Instructions: Simply use a non harsh cleaner, wipe down, dry and put away. 



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