Who We Are

The Beginning of Beard Bro

In 2014, co-workers had continuously grown beards then shaved them because they could not get a symmetrical shape on both sides and finally just shaved it off. The idea for some sort of guide had popped in to my head and made a cut out that was the perfect shape to do the top lines. A few people had seen it and were suddenly wanting a tool to achieve the impossible. That night I went home, drew up a vision of what it should have for functionality and with the help of my co-worker Joe Cohen, we had a 3D Printed prototype in less than 5 days. We used the University of Central Florida's Engineering Lab to create the first Beard Bro Facial Hair Tool. It was a very rough boomer rang design at first. The idea was to create a complete tool to give the user symmetry and perfect lines, then the tool blossomed into all sorts of uses, you could use it for your neck line easily, shape goatees, mustaches, you could do it all!


Night after night, revisions were made and finally came up with the working prototype that was ready for use. There were a lot of doubters at the initial view of the new tool, until they saw how it worked and it's effectiveness.

"Listen to your own intuition when an idea comes to you, if you do the work it will most likely succeed."

Contacting manufacturer after manufacturer, one was decided on in Michigan, LeRoy Tool & Die.
They began making the mold in January and were soon ready for retail. On March 13th, we opened the online store. We chose to produce the tool from the U.S to keep control over it, to have great quality, and the ease of communicating with the manufacturer. Michigan is a great state, and we are proud to support it.

 The Goal
We wanted a way for a man to look and feel like a professional and still keep a great looking beard easily. The popularity of beards is very big, CEO's of major companies are even sporting them. Now they can manage it themselves, cheaply and effectively with the help of The Beard Bro.

Owner- Mike Brunett
Mike Brunett Owner of Beard Bro
Mia- Head Mixologist 
Beard Bro Mixologist