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How to Use Beard Jelly or Oil

Step 1:  Determine which beard oil or Jelly you want to use.  Is the ability to moisturize the most important feature, or is fragrance what you are really looking for?  Like any other product, determining the most important feature is going to be critical for you to choose the right product.  Balms with a high content of fragrance may make your hair smell beautiful but could have drying effects.  On the flip side, if your hair isn't naturally dry a beard oil with a heavy scent may not be an issue.  Most commercial products today have ingredients to nourish your mane but each product might work better or worse for different people based on the individuals specific hair type. 

Step 2: Once you determine the product that's right for you it's always best to shower first.  Make sure you shampoo your beard the same way you would the hair on the top of your head.  You want to make sure the hair is clean and ready for product.

Beards get dry, smelly and wiry, making them look bad and smell bad. This is why your beard needs products in your very important process of facial hair maintenance. Our oils help to keep dandruff and frizz away by penetrating into the skin and hairs, as well as give the beard a lustrous shine to impress. The scents? The scents were designed to give the user a distinguished appeal and were vigorously tested by men and women to make sure they give you that edge over all of the rest.

Applying to Beard

We recommend using a nickel size amount for a shorter beard up to 1 inch, and for a larger beard use a quarter size amount. Use twice a day to keep your beard, hydrated and soft by applying evenly to your beard and working it in. Finish by brushing or combing to style.

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NEW! Barbershop Scent Body Jelly TSA Travel Size
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NEW- Face Renew Anti-Aging Oil 2 ounces
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