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Man Maintenance

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Eyebrows are important on a man, it frames your face, they show your age and masculinity in many instances. Whether their thin or thick, they need to be maintained by plucking and trimming.

1. When shaping your eyebrows, do not arch them, this is a feminine look, you want to keep them fairly straight so don't overdo it. Get the stragglers and nix the uni-brow. 

2. If they're bushy and crazy looking, comb them up and trim them at the edge of the brow. 

3. To make them look thicker an more youthful, use an eyelash volumizer and lightly brush it in with the lash brush, then comb it in, then lightly wipe the extra off with tissue paper, and comb them once more. To get a sharper look, trace the outer edge of the brow with a Q-tip, this gives them a clean definition. 

You can use this to thicken your beard with this as well.

Lining them up is the final step, don't go too far in or too far out, keep them lined up like the image below. 
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