Just Released! Hair Catcher 2.0 For Head and Beard- Adjustable for All Sizes / With Gray Beard Tool

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At home hair trimming is more popular than ever for both head hair beards. Thats why Hair Catcher 2.0 was created to make your life easier and cleaner. Our easy to clean catcher has elastic straps and adjustable toggles to tighten comfortably and loosen easily. When you're finished, simply roll up and put in the drawer. B


* Compact and rolls up for easy storage and use
* Use for hair and beards, simply rotate to the side you're trimming 
* Easy to clean and use
* Use for all ages 
* Use the tray to hold your scissors and excess hair as you're cutting someone's hair
* Use while cutting someone's hair or your own


10.5 L x 8.5W