9 Piece Grooming Kit with Mat, Nail Kit, Soap, Pencil, Edging Razor

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1 Edging Razor for Eyebrow shaping, Facial Hair Shaping, and Skin Exfoliating
1 Non-Stick Groom Mat for Hair Trimming to keep hairs out of the sink
1 Trace Pencil 
1 Natural Black Soap for Body and Hair
1 Nail Kit 
1 2 ounces of New Hair Sauce 

Non Stick Groom Mat 
An easy to use grooming mat to trim, oil, and maintain your facial hair and hygiene. The special material allows hairs to easily slide off, its waterproof, oil proof, and easy to clean. Simply lay it out and use, no struggling to put anything on. 

* No messy sink
* Washable
* Easy to use
* Easy to store
* No hair filled towel 

Hair Sauce
Hair Sauce is a conditioning cream with a small amount of beeswax for hold. It has a delightful scent of barbershop that you're sure to love. You can use it for head and facial hair. 

* Hydrates
* Makes beard and head hair manageable
* Softens
* Non-Greasy
* Moisturizes