New- Doo Powder Toilet Odor Eliminator for Men

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The new, highly effective Wintergreen Doo Powder is the most effective toilet odor deodorizer available. A few shakes of powder into the toilet bowl before you poo is all you need. It can neutralize odors fast and effectively. It can work both in the toilet bowl or even without water. It leaves a minty scent behind, working for the next visitor to enjoy their bathroom time. Unlike toilet sprays, there’s no leaky bottles or broken pumps so it always works. 

* Wintergreen Essential Oil
* Fast & Highly Effective
* Up to 150 Uses 
* Dry or Wet Applications 
* Use for Indoors or Camping
* Safe, non toxic powder
* Easy to to use and carry
* Effective in low water levels (Europe)

The deodorizing powder Use for camping or other situations by simply applying on to the feces and dispose of. It is a highly versatile powder that can be used for many applications.

Small enough to carry for travel or leave in the home or office, Poo Powder is the most effective product on the market today. 

5 ounces- Up to 150 Uses