How It Works

Short Facial Hair
For short facial hair, we recommend that you pair the beard bro with either razor or clipper and use The Beard Bro’s contoured taper edge for precise lines and styling.
Long Facial Hair
Style your long, luxurious facial hair however you see fit with The Beard Bro! Start out by running clippers over the edges to shape the hair and then follow up with a close shave at the top line with the unique Beard Bro shaping guide. You can also use the built-in comb to distribute beard oil and style hair!


Shaping The Top Line
1. Prepare your face just like you normally would for a comfortable shave and place The Beard Bro on your face with the contoured curve side following your cheek up toward the ear.
2. Line up the side markings at the ear for symmetry and lightly shave over the guide and onto your skin with a razor or clippers to achieve the perfect line.
3. Repeat the process on the other side of your face for a complete, matching look. Have any questions? Watch our demonstration video!


Shaping The Neck Line
Start with warm water and shaving cream like you normally would prepare for a comfortable shave.
2. With the comb edge facing up and the handle towards your lips, lift your chin and gently slide The Beard Bro down until your neck stops it.
Starting at the bottom edge of the guide tool, use a razor or clippers to shave the exposed neck hair and perfect the neckline.
Repeat the process on the other side for a complete, matching look and shave the remaining V in the middle for a polished finish. Have any questions? Watch our demonstration video!

Questions & Answers

What you can do with it
You can use The Beard Bro to shape your beard into many different shapes, whether it's a full beard, pencil beard, goatee, it's versatile to do many shapes and styles.

Preparation for using The Beard Bro
The Beard Bro can be used with shaving cream and water or without, whatever is easiest for the user to see where they need to shave at.

Adjusting to your needs
The markings at the top of the tool are used by placing one of them at the same spot on each side of the face when you're lining up the tool to get the same results on each side.

Cleaning The Beard Bro
The Beard Bro tool can be cleaned with soap and water, it's plastic so it's easy to maintain.

Where The Beard Bro is Made
Le Roy Michigan, USA.

Do We Wholesale
Yes we do, please contact us by phone or our contact form and we will give you pricing.