JUST RELEASED! 4 Tool Stache Pro Mustache Shaping Kit with Gray Beard Tool

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Take the difficulty out of shaping your mustache with the Stache Pro. Along with it, is the Edging Razor for fine shaping and exfoliating.  The shaper is clear for easy viewing and can be adjusted to any height above your lip. Use either top or bottom for the desired shape you want to achieve. Use the tracing pencil once you have it in place, then simply remove the tool and shave the outline for best results. 

Made in the USA
* Top curve for round Mustache- Adjust width by smiling, move up or down, put it               wherever you want it! 
* Bottom Shape for straight edged Mustache- Again, place it wherever you
   want it, smile or move it up or down for style you want.
* Tracing and Filler Pencil- for getting a perfect outline of the shape desired. Then wipe it off. Use it as a filler pencil as well for those thin areas. 
* Edging Razor- Use this for fine shaping of your hairs, including your eyebrows.
   Can use for Exfoliating the skin as well.
* Mini Scissors- Use for trimming hairs or nails