NEW! 2 Layered Cloth Face Mask for Small or Big Beards

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These high quality masks are two layered, over sized to fit the beard in so you don't have the hairs hanging out of the bottom and looking weird. It's adjustable looped ear loops are easy to size up to your needs. 

* 2 Layers
* Blue & Black Reversible 
* Soft, Comfortable Inner Liner
* Fits Beard Inside
* Washable by machine or by hand
* Reusable 
* Made in the USA 
* Center seam with Curve to fit your face better 

Comfortable Adjustable Cotton Mask Made from a soft, 2-ply cotton, these masks make it easy to follow guidance that we all wear masks to keep each other healthy. They are designed to be washable and reusable: just toss it into the washer when you get home and wash it the next time you run a load of laundry.